I woke up near the Großer Wentowsee, tired and late, around 12.00. It was raining and I couldn’t leave. I was thinking that I’ll not arrive today in Berlin if I start cycle so late, I had to cycle more then 100km. After waiting an hour I decided to pack everything and cycle even if it was still raining.

I started cycle and felt so happy because I had the power to et on my bike and cycle on a horrible weather. It was a beautiful day even if it rained most of the time. I fall off the bike in a forest, I’ve seen the ”achtung” sign too late and I had to take right but I went straight ahead almost to land in a small dirty river. I checked my bike and then I checked my body, everything was fine and I continued to enjoy cycling in the forest.

I was so happy when I’ve seen the Berlin-Mitte sign, hehe, and when I arrived there I met  a really nice old man on the bike who drove me to the Brandenburger Tor. I felt so good when I arrived at the Brandenburger Tor, really nice feeling. I took a picture and I cycled around to find an internet cafe and someone on couchsurfing to host me. I found an internet cafe and I had to pay to that man 5 euro for an hour and to get inside with the bike, because he didn’t wanted,  such a greedy man. I surfed on couchsurfing and Robert a nice german guy replied me very fast and gave me the directions to his place. I drew a map to get to his place and I left the internet cafe. I started cycling on the wrong way and after a while I realized that I’m not going in the right way. I turned back and cycled on Friedrichstraße and then on Müllerstraße, here I stopped and found his place, so lucky. I knocked on the door and he welcomed me nice and with so much energy, it was midnight. Here I also met a nice argentinian guy, Damien. I had a good meal with them, Vielen Dank!

Macht’s gut von Berlin!

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