I woke up very late around 12.00, it took me a while to pack eveything, anyway I said goodbye to Robert and left at 13.40 pm. I felt so hard cycling so late, I cycled very slow until I left Berlin, but then was amazing. Beautiful R1 route (Berlin-Leipzig), I cycled for a while with some cyclists. It was nice, climbing the uphills and then enjoying the downhills, but it was hard, I felt tired. Nice route and many cyclists with professional racing bikes.

In Potsdam I lost the R1 route and I cycled on F1 route till Ferch when I found the R1 route. Beautiful day but I got tired very earlier, after 105 km, at 8.00 pm I stopped and camped near Bad Belzig. I installed the tent in a glade, beautiful! Then I ate some pasta that I cooked before I left, Frikadellen and a banana :)) .

Now I just want to rest and to wake up earlier . Macht’s gut von Bad Belzig!

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