I wanted to wake up earlier and I woke up at 5.30 am but I asleep back because it was to early and I woke up at 10.30 am. I had a good breakfast compared to other days, Jagdwurst, Schnittkaese, marmelade, some  “exotic fruits” and two bananas :)).

I started cycling at 12.00, again quite late. Most of the road from Bad Belzig to Lutherstadt-Wittenberg was bad. I had the first flat tire but after cycling several km on bad road. Before that I met two nice old women from Netherland, they were cycling from Berlin to Utrecht, Netherland.

In the middle of nowhere I met a nice couple, they were lost and cycling from Dresden to Magdebuerg. We had a nice time together and I gave them my Berlin-Copenhagen map in case they would like to have a longer cycling trip. I felt good donating and thinking that maybe they will use the map and they will really go to Copenhagen, haha. They were lucky because they met me in the middle of nowhere, the road was discontinued, no signs and nobody, but to be honest I was also lucky because they showed me the way to Torgau. Thanks to Frank and Suzen from Dresden (now I’m writing from your city :), I hope we will get in touch through my blog, Gute Reise! ). I wanted to camp before Torgau because the next day to buy some food and chocolate from there, but I didn’t found a plce to camp and from Torgau I crossed three villages to find a place. I camped somewhere after Wessnig, near the road, under a tree, in a wheat. I finished installing the tent at 10.15 pm.

It was a good day even if I had to cycle on bad road. Now I’m hungry, but I don’t have enough food, I keep it for tomorrow morning to have energy till the next village/city. It was Sunday and everything was closed, I didn’t knew that is Sunday, hah. I’m also thirsty, I still have 200ml of water but for tomorrow morning :).  Don’t waste water, be thankful for every drop of water.

Thank you for a great day!

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