Woww.. it’s so hard to write at 2.30 am about the last day of cycling, I don’t know from where or how to start, haha, looong day.

I tried again to wake up in the morning, I set the alarm on the ipod but I couldn’t.. I’m dissapointed of me, :)). I woke up at 10.30, hungry and thirsty, I finished everything that I had, all the food and the last drop of water, I installed the tent cycling, but again at 12.00. I stopped in Belgern and I walked around like crazy trying to fine a supermarket, but finally I found one and I bought many fruits, foood, and 4 liters of water :)).  It was a hot day, very very hot, and hard to cycling. I stopped again in another village and bought milk and musli bars.

It was a hard day, getting a little bit lost and cycling on road with heavy motor traffic, around 30 km trying to keep the white line from the right side :)).  I enjoyed cycling along the Elbe river, from Meissen to Dresden, really nice!

I arrived in Dresden at 8.30 and I couldn’t find an internet cafe even if I spent an hour looking for it and asking. After asking and asking people I asked some young people and they had no idea, and a russian girl (Maria Pushkareva) that was with them was trying to look on internet and in that moment I told them that I’m trying to find an internet cafe to go on couchsurfing to fine someone and a place to sleep, and they told me that they all met on couchsurfing today and one of them invited me to sleep at his place (Jiří Černý) :)).  I WAS VERY LUCKY! thanks to couchsurfing! All of them are nice! I spent really nice time with them ( Maria Pushkareva from Russia, Hyeonyoung Park from Korrea, Florian Schäfer from east of Germany, Max Kunschmann from Dresden and Athina Chavez from Arizona that cooked something very very delicious, Viele Dank! ).  Thanks to everyone!

Now it’s 2.48 and I’m leaving in the morning, probably I’ll be in Prague tomorrow!

Macht’s gut von Dresden!

Save Rosia Montana

p.s. Dresden city is really really beautiful! I didn’t expected to be so beautiful, it really impressed me!

pp.s. I’ve seen that people are reading my blog, thank you!