One of the most beautiful and hardest day!

I woke up at 7.40 am and slept just four hours, I had breakfast with Jiri, the czech couchsurfer and then at 9.10 I started to cycle for the first time very early.

The weather was hot but the route very beautiful, cycling along the Elbe river, I was impressed. I felt happy when I crossed the boarder, I  was saying “Ahoj” to everyone. Several kilometers after I crossed the boarder I met a really, really nice man. He was painting on the asphalt a bike route and with his nephew I think, a sweet little girl, and gathered signatures for paving the entire route. He told me some romanian words and when he saw my flag with Save Rosia Montana he said “aaaa, Rosia Montana”. Very interesting man, he was very kind and he gave me paint to write Save Rosia Montana on the asphalt, near his art :). I really enjoyed painting even if the sun was strong.

I liked and enjoyed getting in contact with different people 🙂 There were many people cycling and skating on this route, most of them old people! After Decin the route was horrible, I gave up cycling on the bike route and I cycled on the main road.  It was very, very hard to cycle in this condition, the weather too hot, some czech drivers dangerous and aggressive, cycling the many uphills was a real physically and mentally test, and sometimes problems with the water, but  in the end everything is fine :). I had a beautiful downhill of 3 km, my maximum speed reached 56,6 km/h, it’s insane and amazing cycling with this speed :)).

In Litomerice I met George (is his name in english), a professional veteran cyclist, he showes me the direction to Prague and gave me good advices. It was time to camp and I tried to find a place to camper after Litomerice, but nothing, it was getting dark, I asked people If I can camp in their large backyard, actually every place where  I asked it was like a camping place near the Labe river. Nobody wanted! I continued cycling and looking for a place and I stopped somewhere to take a decision. I decided to still cycling to Prague and looking for a place. I dressed up with my terma layers, put the safety vest on the backpack, turned on the lights  and cycling in the dark on the main road to Melnik, .. Prague. It was completely insane to still cycling during the night on the main road. I stopped and thought big and I camped near the road after some bushes, trees. I was sweat and deshidrated, hungry, installing the tent on a wheat. I installed it very fast, I locked the bike by a tree (I bought this locker from Robert, Berlin) and got inside the tent with mosquitos. I drunk a little bit of water, I kept the last 100ml, maximum for tomorrow morning. I was sweating and sweating, it was like in sauna inside the tent, or my body wat to hot. I took of my clothes and drunk another drop of water and decied to write now because for sure tomorrow morning I’ll not be able to write something :). Now I’m feeling better, I’m not sweating anymore, but I have to survive with some crazy mosquitos.

I hope tomorrow I’ll be in Prague. I’m very motivated and as I promised I’ll be on 15th Augst at Rosia Montana!

Save Rosia Montana