I woke up at 10.30 am, tired, without to much energy, the weather hot. I took the termarest outside the tent and slept for half an hour. I couldn’t stay just in underwears because there were many mosquitos and I had to dress up with the terma layers and endure the high temperature. I ate two sandwiches, some fruits, packed everything and drunk the last drops of water.

I started cycling at 12.05 pm, slow and hard, after several kilometers I stopped at a hous and asked for some VODA (water in czech) “Voda, Voda…” :)). I was lucky and someone kind let me to get inside of the backyard and drink and take how much water I want, thank you very much! Then I stopped somewhere in the shade and eat again and cleaned my teeth. I felt tired and it was hard to cycle, I was happy for every km cycled, but still motivated to arrive today in Prague.

I cycled many km on the main road because the bike road was very bad and I stopped in Melnik at a supermarket. I bought 4 kinds of salad, 3 liters of water, bread and icecream and ate and rest near the supermarket. Then I started cycling again on the main road because I thought that the road it’s still bad. Everytime I said after I stopped cycling on the main road that I’ll not cycling again with big traffic. Several kilometers before Kralupy I met three nice german girls that were cycling from Dresden to Prague, and they told me that the route from Melnik was very very good, I was dissapointed about me that chose to cycle on the main road with big traffic and not cycling on the bike route because I just thought that the road is bad. I enjoyed cycled for around 5 km with the german girls (Laura, Amanda und Vipke, hehe).

From Kralupy, 27 km before Prague it started to raining, I felt so good, happy that is raining, I really wanted to rain. I enjoyed the rain but not 3.5 km of bad road, It was impossible to cycle with my bike.  In Libcice, again, the road was bad and I met a nice old couple that showed me a route to avoid this bad road. I cycled with them for around 5 km in the rain, nice people!

I arrived in Prague, completely wet and dirty! heh I had one of the best feelings. I met a nice young man, I don’t remember his name, he showed me how to get to the centrum, actually I wanted to make a surprise to a beautiful girl, Zuzka,  that I met two years ago in Banat, really nice story but I’ll not tell you in this post :).  I had her address and I wanted to knock knock on the door and make her a surprise :)). And this guy helped me a lot! we took the metro to Muzem station and here he really helped me a lot, he talked at the tourist information how to get to Zuzka’s address. Then I realized and I don’t have the whole address and I thought that it’s good to call her and to meet somewhere. I called her, really nice feeling to call someone after two years,  she was shocked that I’m in Prague, haha. We met at I.P. Pavlova station, it was amazing to meet her after two years,  we spent great time together and we still spend :)! I’ll rest for a couple of days in Prague and then I’ll think if I have enough time to cycle on the route that I planned or to cycle to Wien – Bratislava – Budapest –  Rosia Montana. I’ll write about the days that I’ll spend in Prague.

Ahoj from Prague!

Save Rosia Montana

p.s.  I lost a bottle of water, it was the last bottle with water and when I stopped to drink I realized that it’s not anymore there.  I also :)) forgot the last pair of sun glasses somewhere.. it happened.  It’s important that I didn’t lost my mind 🙂