I’ve spent great time in Prague with Zuzka and Betka’s family and others, Thank you very very much!! I hope I’ll write next days about my time spent in Prague because now it’s very late and I have to leave Prague (29/07/2012, Day 15) .

Yesterday I’ve been in the most insane place of Czech, at the Horní Libchava castle, near Česká Lipa. If’ you’ll visit Czech I recommend not to miss this place.

Before I leave I’ll go to the embassay because it’s referendum today, YES or NO to suspend the president.

I changed my route to Rosia Montana because I’ll not be on time if I’ll cycle on the one that I planned. From Prague I’ll cycle to Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Rosia Montana.

Thanks to my good friends from Prague, I enjoyed every moment spent with you, I hope to see you soon!

Save Rosia Montana!