Wonderful day! I woke up at 9.30 am very motivated to cycle in a beautiful weather. I packed everythhing and then I had for breakfast four sandwiches and two apples.

I started to cycle at 10.30 am and I was feeling in a good shape! This route from Prague to Vienna is beautiful, I dont have words, wonderful nature, most of the road with new aspahalt, it’s like everything was made with a few days before for me. I enjoyed every moment even if I sweat a lot trying to climb the hills. Czech people are nice and gave me water everytime, thank you! There are many castles along the route and I’ve seen some of them.

Today as usual I ate pasta but just with yeast flakes and of course the delicous apples from the trees. Yesterday I tried to withdraw some money but they didn’t received into my accound and I withdraw the last money, 200 czech krones. In Nová Bystřice I bought some food (pasta, beans, bread) and sweets (biscuits, chocolate). I appreciated everything that I ate and every drop of water!

I was almost to fall of the bike or to die Ö== because of the speed. I was riding with 55km/h or more in serpentine and I left the road at the end of the serpentine because I was afraid not to apper a car in front, BUT I was lucky and kept the balance and came back on the road without falling down. I tried to brak but sometimes it’s hard, heh. The maximum speed I had was 66.1 km/h somewhere in a downhill. It’s crazy to cycle with this speed but I enjoyed and I’m also happy because I changed the brakes in Berlin.

I decied to stop at 8.30 pm because I wanted to camp before getting dark. I camped again in the forest and after I finished with the installation and getting things inside of the tent I started eating after 6 hours, pasta with yeast flakes and bread. Then I had some biscuits but at a point I stopped chewing because there were strange, strange sounds around my tent , in the forest. After a few minutes the biscuit melt in my mouth and I decided to write next day because I was too scared but I said  in my mind that nothing will gonna happen and I started writing. In my opinion it’s insane to sleep alone into the forest, but I’m strong and probably next times I’ll not be scared anymore. I had a wonderful day but I’m sure that I forgot many things to write because it was a long day and it’s hard to remember everything at the end of the day.

Thank you for probably the most beautiful day of this trip. I love Czech!

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