Last night it was so hard to asleep because of the many strange sounds. It took me a while to asleep but around 2 am a weird sound wake me up, an animal was screaming, haha, crazy night!

I woke up at 9.00 am after a hard nigh, I didn’t slept well. I had my usual breakfost, four sandwiches, a sandwich means a little bit of salami, cheese and a slice of bread. I started cycling at 10.30 am very motivated to arive today in Wien. I was feeling very good, smiling, singing, and cycling in a hot weather. I’ve seen beautiful places and views, for example in Vinice Šobes, after a long and speedy downhill I had a beautiful view, forests and the Dyje river, check the photo. I was very excited to cross the boarder to Austria and I stopped following the bike route and I crossed it sooner somewhere near Hnanice and Retz (Austria). I felt very happy and proud of me, haha. A little bit challenge to cycle to Wien without a map, around 90 km from the boarder. I lost many times, I cycled on the main road because I couldn’t find the bike route, but I found it later. The police stopped me because I was cycling on the European road or maybe Autobahn, haha,  and I turned back several kilometers (many times I turned back) and I followed my intuition. But sometimes I asked local people and they helped me a lot, thanks to all people who gave me water! An old man, 86 years old, invited me into his house to get water and he was very interested about my trip and I tried to explain him how much I could in my german and he understood. Another man helped me a lot, he gave me good directions to the bike route, I was happy because I was able to understand what he was saying. I’m a little bit sad because I didn’t made picture to all nice people that I met and helped me.

I finally found the bike route 55km before Wien, I was singing, smiling, screaming, haha, happy moments that I can’t describe them in words. The Donau Radweg (bike route) impressed me, beautiful and many professional cyclists cycling along the Donau, I really enjoyed it. A few km before Wien Zentrum I joined with two cyclists who drove me to Zentrum, actually just one of them got me to Zentrum and he was like a cyclist guide, thank you!

I was happy, happy, happy that I arrived in Wien, at 8.30 pm, Wien ist wunderbar! After I made a picture near the St. Stephen’s Cathedral I looked for an internet cafe to surf on couchsurfing and find someone to host me. I found one but it was extremely expensive, 15 mins – 2.90 euro, I had 2.40 euro and I went to the cash machine to withdraw some money but surprise, no money into my account! I was getting lost on the Wien streets for a while trying to find a cheaper internet cafe but nothing. I came back to the first one and asked the man if I can surf just with 2.40 euro and he was agree, hehe. I left a message on couchsurfing that I really need help and that I’ll wait at Stephansplaty U-bahn because I couldn’t stay longer on internet.

I waited at Stephansplatz U-bahn at least an hour but nobody came. I decided to move and I stopped near the cathedral and I sat down on a bench near a man who left few minutes later. I started writing on my notebook about today and a man and a girl came and sat down beside me. I was writing and the man asked me something in german (Lukas) but we changed the language in english and I told them about me, everything. They were quite surprised and interested, especially the girl, Dani, very beautiful.  We did some photos and Dani was very worried about me and offered me some money. I don’t like this kind of moments and I told her that I can’t accept or if I can help her somehow for this money.  We went to the cash machine and she gave me some money, I couldn’t believe and then she told me that she has a guest room and if I want I can sleep there, incredible. I’m the luckiest man in this world, thanks to all people who helped me and to my mother because made me so lucky. Back to this nice people, I didn’t had words, Vielen Dank Dani! I gave the money back because a place to sleep was enough for me, I can’t believe how things happend.

Lukas is a nice man, a traveller, this is what Dani told me, he’s going soon in Brazil for a while. They know each other for about ten zears and they are really good friends. Dani is very kind and very beautiful!She’s 27 years old, has a boyfriend called Martin who’s in the army and she’s a lawyer. But the important thing is that she helped me and she likes to help. I don’t have words, she was so nice and kind with me, she gave me to eat, tea, sweets, towel, she threated me like a king, haha. Thank you very much Dani ! you made my trip to continue.

Thanks to everyone! Alles Gute von Wien!

Save Rosia Montana

p.s. the transaction from paypal to my account didn’t worked because of the bank but I’ll see what I can do.