Dani woke me up in the morning with a good tea and she gave me a bag of sweets and things for breakfast, and also some money, she’s too nice! then  she went to work and I  in downtown.  I had a beautiful breakfast near Rathaus and then I’ve been in Stephansplatz and walk and then I went in an internet cafe and posted on blog. After I met with a good friend of mine, Dana, we were in the same class in middle school. It was really nice to meet a frined in a different country, we enjoyed a delicious icecream :)) and we had great time together even if we didn’t spent too much time.  Then I met with Dani and prepared to go to a birthday in a pub. I have just cycling clothes with me and she gave me some casual clothes, I told you, she’s very nice! thank you! She introduced me to some real nice people, I had a great evening with her and her friends.

I’m impressed about Vienna, it’s so beautiful!

Save Rosia Montana

p.s. Thanks to everyone who donated and helped me!