Dani woke me up around 8.00 am, I packed everything and said goodbye to the girl who was like an angel for me in Vienna, thank you very very much! I hope to see you soon!

I started cycling at 9.30 am and I was riding to the Donau to find the Eurovelo 6 route. At a traffic light I asked a man who was on the bike if he knows how to find the Eurovelo 6 route and he drove me there, but before that he was very interested about my trip and invited me for breakfast, very very kind and nice. We’ve been to a bike shop and I bought a pair of pedal clips because the one that I had wasn’t good quality and they were very demaged, I couldn’t use them anymore. Then he explained me how to get to Eurovelo 6,  he was very kind with me, he’s an arhitect, thank you!

It was very beautiful to cycle on the Eurovelo 6 route, along the Donau and between forests. I cycled for a while with a nice holland couple (Willem Rocterdink and Maarckje Oanh) and I really enjoyed to cycle with them. Then I met a nice family from Peru and in Bratislava another nice couple but from Germany who invited me for a drink, such a nice people, I felt very good with them. When we left the terrace we met with the holland couple, haha, it was funny, because the german couple(Adrian Gabriel and Janine Wissler) met them for several times and we all are going to Budapest but we will arrive in different days there, maybe we will meet again, haha, we decided to meet on Wedenesdey at the entrance of the Sziget Festival. Thank you guys for a great time!

Bratislava is very beautiful!

I said goodbye to those nice people and I surfed on internet to find someone on couchsurfing but nobody (actually someone offered to hosted me but I’ve seen the message too late, the next day 🙂 ) and I decided to sleep at a hostel. It was so hard to find this hostel/dormitory, it was far away from the centrum and the screw from my back rack broke. I arrived at this dormitory at 9.20 pm but it was too late because they closed at the reception and I’ve been to another dormitory, very close and a nice girl helped me to understand with the women from the reception. I got a room and I was very happy and went out with the girl and her boyfriend (Yorika and Rišo) . We spent great evening/night together and they offered me to sleep at their place for the next night.  I’ll stay in this beautiful city another night because I also have to find a new screw and I don’t want to be in a hurry.

It’s amazing how I met so many nice people!

Ahoj from Bratislava!

Save Rosia Montana!