I woke up at 9.30 am, packed and moved with everything with those nice guys that I met last night. We had breakfost together and then we’ve been to Zlaté Piesky, a nice place with a clean lake where people usually come to swim or relax. I swam and relaxed here and then I aslept for a while. After a couple of hourse we went to a shopping center to buy a scew for my back rack. They spent so much time with me trying to find a bike shop opene, but finally we’ve been in the other part of Bratislava to buy a screw. Thay guy removed the screw that was broken and also gave me one for free, thank you and I hope it will resist.

After a long day we came home and I cooked them my delicious pasta, haha and they really liked it. Thanks to these guys who helped me so much! I hope we will meet someday again! Tomorrow I’m leaving Bratislava and I’ll cycle to Budapest.

Thank you for a great time spent in Bratislava!

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