I woke up at around 10 am and prepared my bike and then I ate in a student canteen with Riso and Yorika.  I started cycling at 12.öö pm in a real hot day, very very hard!

On the road I met an italian , Virgilio, he lost his job from Milan and broke up with her girlfriend and decided to have a trip by bike from Vienna to Belgrad. We ate some rice together, cooked by him and we cycled together for a while. Later I left him because I felt that I’m cycling to slow and it was really hot and not to many places to get water. But I really enjoyed the time spent with him. I also met and others when I stopped with Virgilio to eat rice. A german old couple and a french young couple also stopped there because was a little bit of shadow and it was very good for a brake. They are really nice, all of them were going to Budapest. I like meeting people like this, everyone that I met was nice and I met more than one hundred, hello to everyone, haha! First 50 km was hard because of the weather and also because the road was very boring, nothing special to see and no places to get water.

Somewhere in a village, I can’t remember where exactly because form Vienna I didn’t used any map, I stopped because I’ve seen an apple tree and when I don’t have water I eat many apples if I have. I filled my backpack with apples. During I was eating an apple a slovak  women (Marta) asked me from her backyard which language I speak and told me in german to wait, she went to get fresh tomatos and other many things to give me, wonderful!! Then came her husband, a Swiss man (Jan Jack) and invited me in the backyard to sit down and to eat! I was very very happy, I don’t have words, these people were so kind with me. They gave me so much to eat, it was perfect because  I wanted to stop somewhere to cook my usually pasta.  Jan Jack offered me a beer to drink together and Marta also made of package with food/sweets for my next day(s). Thank you very much to these people that are so nice and helped me so much! I’m very happy because I had the chance to meet so many amazing people! and I’m still meeting knew people!

It was getting dark and I wanted to arrive in Komárno because I knew from Virgilio that is a camping. I had problems with my back rack and I stoped many times. I think I arrived in Komarno at this camping place around 10.30 pm but I had just 7 or 8 euro and the man wanted 1o euro deposit for a key and another 1o euro, haha, and he was very angry because of me because I didn’t had money and I distrubed him. So.. I ate some fruits and candys from Marta and Jan Jack and equipped for night cycling and I started cycling again. It was better to cycling by night, I cycled on the main road and there were not to many cars and it was faster and better road. But it was horrible to stop many times to fix the rack, Jan Jack gave me a screw driver to fix the rack everytime is needed, such a great man! I also stopped many times to rest for a few minutes and to wash my face because I was to sleepy and I preffered to wash my face then to drink water, well.. I drunk but everytime a little bit, my backup was the apples, haha. I kept on cycling because it was hard to find a place to camp,  I found one at 3.50 am and stopped somewhere near Nesynély I think, I’m not sure but after 170 km of cycling in a awful day.  I installed the tent, and aslept in a minute.

Even if the weather was too hot and hard for cycling, I’m happy that I met really nice people, especially Marta and Jan Jack!

Save Rosia Montana

p.s. I camped in Hungary