I woke up at 10.30 am, tired and with sounds of many many cars because I camped near the road. I ate and then I packed and it was hard, I was feeling tired because of the hot weather. I was afraid when I’ve heard so many cars I had to cycle with them buut as always I’m lucky I also camped near the bike route.

I started cycling at 12.10 pm and it was the same like yesterday, hot hot hot and the bike road not good and many times I had to stop to fix the rack, in the sun and sweating a lot. I felt very hard this day and I stoped somewhere to eat and after I aslept, haha, I was really tired because I aslept at 4.00 am and also cycled 170 km. I woke up after half an hour, maybe and motivated saying that I’m close to Rosia Montanta and that I can’t give up several kilometers before. When I woke up in the morning I thought that I still have to cycle 50 km to Budapest but only if I cycle on the main road.  After 15 km of hard cycling  a french old man who is cycling to the Black Sea showed me his map and how many km are to Budapest. When I heard I was laughing, it was about 80 km..

Today every km was really hard to make it and the water warm but good everytime. I met an english couple who left the Olympic games for a bike trip from Vienna to Budapest, they were really nice and helped me with some directions.  I crossed the Donau by ferry twice because I wanted to follow the bike route. I was lucky because I had some coins to pay the transport, 800 forints from a good friend of mine who gave me when before I left Copenhagen, Stefan Anastasiei, thanks man, mersi ba!  and 3,40 euro. On one of the ferries I met other people, a french family from Nancy, I was impressed how they were traveling, parrents with two small kds.

I arrived in Budapest very late because of the bad roads and my rack problems, at 9.30 pm. I was again lucky and a cyclist helped me a lot! I checked my facebook account from his phone to see if Dori Kontha, classmate replied me. I asked her to help me to find a place to sleep in Budapest. She’s in Budapest and she really helped me even if I sent her a message yesterday, Dori thanks you very much! I’m looking forward to see you in Copenhagen!  And this guy, Arnold Halláz gave me to call Krisztina Mészáaros who offered  to help  me and Arnold led me to her place, without him I don’t think could find it, thank you very much! Krisztina waited me with her boyfriend and I found them very very nice and kind people! Thank you very much!

I didn’t had time to make a picture in the centrum but I’ll make one before I leave, tomorrow morning.  My cyclecomputer shows that I cycled 1993 km and tomorrow I’ll reach 2000 km,  hehe, I’m very happy!

Save Rosia Montana,

see you soon!