I woke up at 10.10 pm, packed everything and said goodbye to Krisztina, thank you for everything! I left at 11.40 am but I had to turn back to Krisztina because I forgot some papers and it took me 30 minutes to find the apartment, funny.

You’ll not believe who I met at the Hosok ter, I stopped here to take a picture and I asked some asian people to take it and one of them was the Koreean guy that I met in Dresden, hahaha. He couldn’t believe that I’m in Budapest, he showed me the picture that we took in Dresden, he was very surprised, also me. When I wanted to leave I’ve seen that I have a flat tire on the fron wheel, I changed the inner tube and I left, but a few minutes later I stopped again in a park because of a new flat tire, same wheel. I checked the tire before I changed the inner tube and I didn’t saw any sharp thing. But second time I checked carefully and it was something very very sharp and smal. Then I’ve been to an exchange to change 5 euro and after I bought an icecream and something to eat. I decided to left Budapest and I did several kilometers and I turned back to buy a map because it was very difficult to find the ways. I’ve een to a cash machine to withdraw some money and it worked, my brother Vasile sent me money, thank you brother! I bought again an icecream an enjoyed it and after I’ve been to a shoppping center to buy maps. I talked with two girls to take care of my bike and I went inside. I bought two maps, Hungary and Romania and some things from supermarket. I went outside and I was happy because my bike was still there. I drunk a beer with those girls and then I left and I stopped again for the last icecream, haha, it was so delicious 🙂

Finally I started cycling at 5.30 pm and it was hard to leave Budapest because I didn’t had any map with Budapest, I asked people and lucky I left it on the right way. But before I stopped and drew on the map my route to Romania. I stopped at 8.30 pm near Gomba and I camped. The route to Romania it’s hard, I have to ride with cars, there are no bike routes, but it’s ok, I made my route and I hope in three days to be in Oradea.

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