I woke up at 11.00 am because I really wanted to rest after last two nights when I slept a couple of hours. I ate pate from Danica (Vienna), cheese and fat from Jan Jack and Marta (Slovakia) with bread and an apple from Slovakia.

I started cycling at 12.40 pm but after 3 km I stopped because there were two german girls cycling from Vienna to Budapest ( Maika and Lia), nice girls and brave. We had nice time eating plums and looking on the map and sharing advices. I invited them to Rosia Montana and I hope to see them there, good luck!

I left them and started to cycle on a really nice weather. Most of the roads (not the main roads) are really bad. I decided not to cycle on the main or european road because I have enough time to be at Rosia Montana on 15th August. At around 3.00 pm I stopped and ate beans with bread and yeast flakesm, then a melted chocolate and an apple. It’s hard to enjoy the ride when the road is very bad, but it’s good that in every village are water pumps and many plums trees.

I stopped in a village and had a pack of biscuits with beer, haha, and then I went on the wrong way and I had to turn back four kilometers. I had a lucky evening I caught the last ferry transport to cross the Tisa river and lucky because I still had few forint coins, but not enough. I cycled another two km and I stopped at 8.30 pm because it was getting dark and I didn’t wanted to keep cycling on a bad road. I’m not in a hurry, I still have to cycle maximum 400 km in 6 days and usually I cycle more then a hundred.

I’m really happy because I’m so close and very motivated for the last hundreds, I already cycled 2163 km and probably the total will be 2550 km, but I’ll also have to cycle home and there are around 450 km to Suceava.

Save Rosia Montana

p.s. yesterday I found a solution for my rack and I’m really happy because I didn’t had problems on this bad roads.