I woke up at 9.30 am because was too hot inside of the tent to sleep longer even if I tried to sleep with the feet outside. I was very hungry and I cooked soup and ate the last slice of cheese and the pice of fat and many plums. After I made a new flag with Save Rosia Montana and I put it on the back of the bike.

I started cycling at 11.30 am on a really bad road, it was very hard not to get angry. After around 40 km cycling on bad road I decided from Tiszafured to cycle on the main road. Better, faster but sometimes a little bit dangerous because of some crazy drivers. At 2.00 pm I stopped near the road and cooked pasta with tuna from Czech, haha, good backup and yeast flakes and plums. Then it was a bit hard because I had wind  from the front. I stopped again in Hortobagy to get water, I was really thirsty, on the main road you can’t get so often water. I also finished the pasta from 2.00 pm, very very delicious. I love pasta! haha. Here I relaxed maybe for an hour but then I cycled like a lion and before several kilometers before Debrecen I took a right and I cycled on normal road. I stopped 2 km after Dereckske, at 8.15 pm and camped near the road, it was a quite good place to camp. I installed the tent and get things inside very fast and then I relaxed eating an apple from Slovakia and listening two songs because the battery was down.

I’m happy because I’m very close to the Romania boarder, around 25 km and 45 by bike. Probably tomorrow I’ll be in Oradea, in ROMANIAAA! Thank you!

Save Rosia Montana!