I woke up at 10.00 am very motivated to cross the boarder and feel my lovely country. I  cooked soup and I packed everything and started to cycle to Romania! I don’t remember when I left but I cycled quite fast even if it was windy. Nothing could stop me to cross the boarder.  Haha, I stopped 5 km before the boarder to find a solution of how to put the flag on my backpack because the other one I lost it during cycling. I was prepared and started cycling on the European road (E60) with many trucks, crazy and dangerous drivers but as I said nothing could stop me. I stopped befoare the crossing the boarder and made a short video, I was in heaven, I couldn’t believe that I’m with a few steps from Romania. I decided to cross it and a policeman stopped me to show the passport. I showed it for the first time in this trip and started cycling in my beautiful country. I was really really happy, I don’t have words, and also happy to feel the romanian traffic atmosphere. It was hard cycling to Oradea but really worth it.

I arrived in Oradea centrum at 2.30 pm and I was feeling so good. I had some romanian money from the last time when I’ve been in Romania and I bought an icecream. I walked around and I checked the romanian credit card and withdrew some money and of course bought another icecream, but from a different place. I asked the girl who was selling icecream if I can use her phone to give a call and she helped me. I called Claudia Apostol, she’s also supporting Save Rosia Montana campaign, to ask her to find someone to host me, then Florinakkis Arhire called and said that they found someone to help me and the last call was from Tatiana Omescu who gave me directions to a place. I found the place very easy and there I met Laurentiu Budura who welcomed me! He thought that I’m Swedish and told me that I’m speaking very good romanian, haha, very funny and this man is really nice, funny and crazy. He’s 34 and now he wants to study in Denmark, he’s not joking. He gave me to eat, also we had a beer, I washed my clothes, I had one of the most beautiful cold shower and then we’ve been out and we met with Janinne Rusneac, a nice girl and touristic guide. We really had a great evening!

Thanks to everyone who helped me and for everything! I’m happy that I’m Romania and to hear the romanian language.  Tomorrow I’ll relax in Oradea and on 12th August morning I’ll start cycling to Rosia Montana!!!

Save Rosia Montana!


p.s. total km: 2356,4