I woke up at 11.00 am and started to prepare for leaving. Laurentiu’s father found a turtle at his work and took it home. I thought that could be nice to take it with me to Rosia Montana and leave it in the beautiful nature from there. Laurentiu found a box and I attachted it on the back of the bike. I put inside grass, vegetables and then Laurentiu’s children painted the box.

Laurentiu gave me again so much to eat, thank you! and he also made some sandwiches for later. I ate a chocolate with them because it was my birthday, I made 20 and then I said good bye to these kind and nice people! Thank you very much for everything!

I started cycling at 4.30 pm, never it’s too late, on the European road. The road it’s quite bad and most of the drivers really crazy. It was hard and dangerous and after several kilometers I stopped to leave the turtle. The road it’s bad and I thought that it’s better to leave it. I was really sad and I left it somewherein the nature, I hope he/she will be fine, adios! Even if the road is bad and dangerous this part of Romania is very beautiful. I stopped somewhere to have a short brake and an old man asked about me and he was really impressed for what I am doing.

Some of romanian drivers don’t think and many times I had to leave the road because there were cars coming from the front and the drivers didn’t care if they hit you, it’s true and very sad. Lucky me that it as Sunday and there were no trucks. In Beius two girls with her mother, the driver, stopped to talk with me. They were amazed by me, haha. I like this kind of  brakes talking with people. I tried to hurry because it was getting dark and I wanted to finish cycling on the European road.

I stopped at 9.30 pm, 1 km after Lunca, it was dark and I was really happy that I survived cycling on this European road. I camped in a really nice place, I have view with Vladeasa and Bihor mountains, it’s quite dark and I can’t see too much but in the morning it will be beautiful.

Thank you to everyone who whis me happy birthday!!

Save Rosia Montana