A rooster woke me up at 10.30 am and I stepped outside the tent on the wet grass. It was amazing, fresh air, pure nature, sunny and windy weather. I enjoyed the moment and I went back in tent to sleep a little bit more. Later when I woke up again I had two slices of bread with melted cheese and a cup of tea, actually two, one before and the other one after.

I had the whole day to relax and I had some reading for improving my english. I cleaned the gear lever of the bike and a little bit the chain and before last meal I did some stretching and push-ups ad then I ate pasta cooked at primus with yeast flakes and two slices ofr bread with melted cheese. I was really hungry and for tomorrow morning I have instant soup to cook, the only thing that I still have for eating.

I tried to manage the water because I didn’t want to leave the bike and the tent to find water but I still have 400 ml for tomorrow. I also ate plums from the trees, I walked around, reading.. haha. A cow wanted to try my tent but she was to big and I told her to leave :). I enjoyed staying in the nature and be in present.

Tomorrow I’ll leave at 12.40 pm because at 13.00 pm some nice people will wait for me to go together to Rosia Montana, I’m really really happy! thank you! I can’t believe that I’m so close to Rosia Montana and probably I’ll be on time as I promised, it’s amazing! I hope nothing will happen tonight because there are two dogs who don’t like me and sometimes are coming to my tent and in this moment are here, buhaha :). Anyway I’ll be at Rosia Montana tomorrow!

Thank you for a wonderful day!

Save Rosia Montana