I woke up at 10.30 am in good mood as always. Slowly I packed everything and when I started to cook soup a man come and asked about me. He’s the owner of this field where I camped. We talked about Rosia Montana, communism, actually I was more listening and eating my soup. He was nice and invited me to come at his house to get water and to wash.

I washed my face and filled up the bottles and slowly I started cycling at 12.20 pm. I had to meet at 13.00 with those nice people that I wrote in the previous post. I didn’t want to be 20 minutes earlier and I cycled slow and enjoyed everything. At 12.55 pm I arrived in Campeni and some nice people waited for me, I was extremely happy and I couldn’t breath or say something.. just drinking water :), unforgettable moment!

We organized and cycled together to Rosia Montana. The way to Rosia was really nice and easy to cycle even if it was a lot to climb. Cycling with them made me to have so much energy, thank you and respect! Along the way to centrum a canadian guy ( Iann) was filming me from a motorbike, another one from a car, there was also a gendermarie van in the back and the atmospehere from finish was amazing! I felt like I’m winning a stage of Le Tour de France, haha. I had no words!! unbelievable! Many people and locals welcomed me with salt, bread and palinca (traditional romanian drink), thank you very much! They also sang the happy birthday song for me. It was hard to say something, I only could to say Multumesc/Thank you or Multumesc frumos/Thank you very much and Save Rosia Montana. I was in heaven of happiness, trust me! Thank you very much to everyone!!

Then I went to eat at the organizators/volunteers place, very very good vegetarian food and after I installed my little tent. I met many nice people and this place, Rosia Montana it’s amazing. It’s much beautiful than first time when I’ve been. I love Rosia Montana!

I want to thank you to everyone who helped and supported me, to everyone!!! Thank you very very very much! I will make a film with my whole trip as soon as possile.  Keep check my blog because I’ll write about my future plans.

Thank you very much!!!

Save Rosia Montana