I’m 19 years old and born in Suceava, Romania! I’m studying Multimedia Design in Copenhagen since 2011. I have the most beautiful family! Two brothers and a sister and my lovely parents that gave me the freedom to travel alone from the age of 15. Scout since January,2005 and I’M PROUD! I’ve written below what others think about me.

Full of energy, he’s always sportive, fun-seeking and ready to go! Tica is a truly adventurous young man with big ambitions and DIY sprites.  He’s sososo sharing and willing to help.  (Jingjing Zhou)

he’s one of the most smiling, active, positive and willing person that I’ve never met! (Ilaria Vichi)

If I should describe him in three words then I would say: “Big, genuine smile, adventurous and ultra-light racing bike!” (Jonas David)

Tica is really a vibrant character.  (Ylena Zamora-Vargas)

I was impresed how Tica was kind & generous. (Denys Knokh)

He has some funny storys to tell and is as far as i know a really ambitious person.  (Ebla Wais)

Tica is a very funny guy!!! We spent a good time together… We love his stories about life and travel… (Arlanda Moreno)